Big congrats to the winners of the 2017 Del Brown… and big thank you’s to all our wonderful sponsors!

Grand Champions
Mike Dawes of Wilson, WY
Capt. Will Benson of Sugarloaf Key

3 fish first day
1 fish second day
Total of 600 points

First Runner-up
Nathaniel Linville of Key West
Capt. John O’Hearn of Big Pine Key
Two fish the second day
One fish the third day
Total of 450 points

Runner Up
Jack Lambrecht of Naples
Capt Aaron Snell of Key West
One fish the first day, 22″
One fish the third day, 23.75″
Total of 300 points

Largest Permit
Tom del Bosque of Boca Raton
Capt. Scott Irvine of Key West
29.5″ to the fork

Most Bonefish Releases
Marguerite Meyer of Bozeman, MT
Capt. Jared Cyr of Key West
7 Bonefish released